VeroS Single Silkscreen #155


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Unlike many other silkscreens, these ones can be used on both sides, so you are able to create a mirrored pattern, which can be very useful when making earrings!

Please, read the instructions below before using your new silkscreen.
Size: 4″
Pattern size: 3.25″
1. Prepare a bowl of cold water in your work area.
2. Place any side of the screen on a sheet of polymer clay
3. Paint:
Vero Silkscreens are made with finer mesh compared to most other brands, and for this reason, this screen lifts up very thick paints. Craft acrylics – for example, Folk Art or Deco Art work well. Apply a line of paint along the top of the screen. Stroke from top to bottom with a squeegee or old credit card
4. Before removing the stencil, lift a small portion to make sure there are no voids on the surface. Do this at the top and bottom. As long as you lift a small portion it will automatically align itself.
5. Put the stencil in a bowl of cold water. This helps to avoid the paint drying on the screen before you reach the sink and wash it gently under cold running water. Immerse the screen quickly after use, and rinse off fully.
Dry on kitchen paper rather than on the countertop.
6. The screen can be used again and again, just make sure it is dry.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions 🙂
The paint run under the purple parts:
– The screen might have been wet
– The paint might be too watery
– To prevent bleed under the stencil keep squeegee at 30 to 45 degree angle.
The pattern is missing on some parts or faded all over
– Most likely the paint is too thick


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