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The order is for one transfer sheet, which is 3.4 inches by 5.3 inches ( 9x 13 cm) and can be used once.


  1. Condition polymer clay and roll onto a ceramic tile or a surface that the clay sticks to and can be baked on.
  2. Place a cut-out piece you want to work with bright colour side down onto the clay surface.
  3. Gently smooth the sheet with your fingers to remove any air bubbles. We like to leave the sheet on the clay for 15 minutes before removing the paper baking.
  4. The recommended method to dissolve the paper baking: Hold the entire slab still on the tile (or another baking surface) under very low-pressure running water. The paper backing will begin to dissolve and wash away. Don’t worry about leaving some paper residue on the clay at this stage. It is safe to wash it off after baking.
  5. Let it dry! Cut and bake the clay on the tile- so the print doesn’t need to be touched which might result in smearing of your design. The clay can be, of course, removed with a tissue blade and baked on another surface.
  6. After the baked pieces are cooled down, the remaining paper “fuzzies” can be removed under running water.

Sealing: While I had no issues opting to not seal the image, I still recommend sealing it with your choice of sealant.

It’s recommended to use white or a light-coloured clay for the best result.

These beautifully hand-crafted products are made by Veronika Sturdy from VeroS Silkscreens.


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