VeroS “Magic” Silkscreen #175


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With this silkscreen, you can create multi-colored images on polymer clay by using the clay on the other side and shifting the silkscreen.

Size: 4″

Pattern size: 3.25″

The order includes one silkscreen.

How to use your new tool:
1. Position the screen.
Place any side of the screen on a sheet of a polymer clay.
2. Paint
We recommend a good quality, high pigment acrylic paint. Apply a line of paint along the top of the screen. Stroke from top to bottom with a squeegee, old credit card, or a paintbrush.
3. Remove stencil
Before removing the stencil, lift a small portion to make sure there are no voids on the surface. Do this at the top and bottom. As long as you lift a small portion it will automatically align itself.
4. Put the stencil in a bowl of cold water. This helps to avoid the paint drying on the screen before you reach the sink and wash it gently under cold running water.

5. Wait until the paint is dry, preferably an hour. Position the same silkscreen from the other side, using the markings in the corner. The silkscreen the second time should not be pressed to hard to the clay as the paint might still be soft. But in the same time you can give enough pressure so no air bubbles are trapped underneath. It’s not very difficult, if the paint had enough time to dry, it won’t distort under the silkscreen. Apply a different color of paint. Repeat from the third point until the whole slab is covered with this beautiful pattern.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Additional notes:
Do not let the paint dry on the stencil!
Immerse the screen quickly after use, and rinse off fully
Dry on kitchen paper rather than on the countertop.
You shouldn’t reproduce the image digitally using a computer or mechanically using a printer in order to sell it.

It would mean copyright infringement and… sorry, that’s illegal for a reason which you know well. Trust us, you would do the same.

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