Texture mat Stripes #01 100% scale


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Weight: 1.00 oz

This finely textured rubber mat is perfect for embossing soft materials such as polymer and metal clays. When the texture is applied, areas with dark colors on the drawing will be raised, while white areas will be sunken. The inverted design of this texture mat shown in the third and fourth pictures is sold separately.

Before use, lightly treat the textured mat with talcum powder, corn starch, or water (using a misting spray bottle), to prevent clay from sticking to the mat and getting stuck in small details.

Please note that this product is copyrighted and designed by Irina Shevchenko. You may use the textured mat for handicrafts as a physical item, but you must not digitally copy the image for sale or create derivative images.

IMPORTANT: Do not bake the mat. To clean it, wash it in warm water with a soft brush and soap.


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