About Chaza Designs

When I first discovered polymer clay in early 2020 I got hooked immediately. 

The clay and all the clay tools soon took over my house, there were projects in different stages all over the coffee table, kitchen table, my husband’s work desk…clay everywhere!!

One of the first purchases was a craft desk, and not just any craft desk. When my husband bought me this giant 2.2 meter table I called him crazy. “I don’t need all that space darling!!” I said. I was sooo wrong!!

Then the fun began! I purchased a second hand pasta machine from Gumtree, a ceramic tile from Bunnings, an acrylic roller, tissue blades and a heap of clay. At the beginning I’ve tried using different shape “cutters” that I found around the house, but was frustrated when I couldn’t achieve the results I was after. I have tried many different clay cutters from Australian makers but the results were not what I was hoping for.

After spending way too much money on clay cutters that were not giving me the results I was after I was super excited when I came across the Clay Art Depot on Etsy. I placed my order and waited patiently on my cutters. 3 weeks later they arrived, I was so happy!! Finally! These cutters were amazing and I immediately emailed Alex (the clay cutter “dealer”) and thanked him for his amazing cutters. 

I was already thinking about placing another order when Covid hit! After emailing Alex back and forth, I decided to take a punt, not knowing if my order was even going to make it to Australia with the global pandemic and the uncertainty and extreme delay of deliveries, I still ordered more shapes. After 4 long months of waiting the cutters finally arrived! 

My ‘light-bulb’ moment was that there had to be an easier and faster way to make these cutters available for all my fellow clay makers in Australia and New Zealand.

So, without further waffling, I am excited to launch the Clay Art Depot Australia website where my fellow polymer clay lovers can purchase premium quality clay cutters and have them delivered anywhere in Australia and NZ by Australia Post.